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Southern Trader v495 Repairs in Auckland

16 Aug 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

We wish to update you on the vessel maintenance works which will be undertaken on the Southern
Trader during her next Auckland call.

  • The Southern Trader arrived in Auckland on the 13th August, after waiting for 2 days for an
    available berth she was able to berth at Multi Cargo to discharge import cargo.
  • The vessel has completed discharge operations on the 15th of August at 2000hrs.
  • She will move to anchorage at 2300/16th and wait a further 2 days for a suitable berth for
    maintenance works on approximately 19/8.
  • Maintenance work is expected to take approximately 7 days.
  • Following completion of works she will return to the Multi Cargo berths to load her export
    cargo and sail to Tahiti.

This will impact her current schedule. Pending further wharf congestion and berth availability her
schedule is estimated to be as follows:

We will keep you updated and advise cargo receivals for export cargo as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,