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Updated Documentation Processes

31 Aug 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

We need your help to improve our customer service to make sure we process your documents on
time. Our goal is to have your bill of lading available within 24 hours of the vessel’s departure date.
To achieve this, we need to improve the quality of data that we receive from you. We have detailed
below the booking and Shipper Letter of Instruction (SLI) data that we need. Can you review the data
required and adopt these requirements?

Should you need further assistance please contact our Customer Service Booking Team or Export
Documentation team on below email group addresses. Please find enclosed herewith - SLI and VGM
copy for your necessary action.

  • Booking Instruction – When making a booking request please include the quotation or
    contract number if you have that. This will help us to ensure your booking is rated correctly.
    If you do not have a valid quotation or contract number, please contact your Account Manager
    or contact our Sales team for a quotation using the following email address:

     For regular shippers with existing contracts, we will have your rates already recorded.

  • Shippers Instruction - Please forward your shipping instruction prior to the date and time of
    vessel cut-off, to our Export Documentation team:
    •  Please ensure your SLI is complete with full Shipper / Consignee details.
    • Please add the booking reference number that is located on your container release
    • Under Commodity add “Number of packages” and “Packing type” for PLT, PKG, CTNS
    • Please add your Purchase order number on the SLI if applicable.
    • Freight: Prepaid or Collect: please add and confirm who the freight payer is and the
      charges the payer will be responsible for i.e., origin charges include documentation
      fee, maritime security, origin terminal handling fee.
    • Please advise if BL is Express release – Yes/No
    • Add Container & Seal Number, Container Type
    • Please include full Commodity description
    • Include DG details (Class / UN) / Temp where applicable.
    • It is very important to include the Weight (VGM) / Volume
  • DG Cargo – Please forward your DG cert/ MSDS form 1 week prior to vessel arrival (or at
    time of booking if earlier) for checking purposes. The cut off for sending DG documents for
    approval has been updated to be 96 hours prior to the vessel’s arrival. Do not deliver DG
    containers into the terminal unless you have received DG approval from NPDL. The DG
    application must be sent to both the following email groups:
    NZ Customer Service Booking Team
    NZ Hazardous Cargo Team
  • BBLK/OOG cargo (on Flatrack) – Please include the dimensions and weight at the time of
    booking to determine method of handling and any associated costs.
  • SOC - forward clear photos of CS plate and the unit itself for indexing and approval purposes.
  • Personal & household effects - Please forward your packing list and photo of the vehicle
    empty fuel tank and disconnected battery if your cargo is loading as NON-DG. This is for
    indexing and approval purposes.
  • EXPORT CEDOS – Please note any containers without CEDO’s at cargo receivals cut off will
    not be loaded. Any containers that incur fines by the Ports for no CEDOS (currently
    NZD$1000.00/container) will be passed back to the shipper
  • Contact Email groups: 

Thank you for your continued support, should you have any further questions or queries please
contact your NPDL representative